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On the Issues

Stop Inflation
The Federal Reserve is printing money, and our government is paying for debt with inflation rather than taxes. They’re stealing value out of our wallets because they’re too afraid to actually pay their bills.
Fund the Police
Crime is out of control, and the geniuses in the Democratic Party think the solution is cutting funds to our police. FUND THE POLICE!
Secure the Border
I get why people want to come to America, but they need to do it the right way. We need to shut down the illegal border crossings.
Require Voter I.D.
Many common, everyday transactions require identification verification. Voter ID laws increase security, legitimacy, and integrity in our elections. Americans deserve to know elections are fair and accurate.
Bring Federal Funds Back To NY District 3
The district pays so much in taxes. I want to be one of the best representatives in Congress who brings funds back to their district. Long Island Railroad and Long Island Express shouldn't crumble while Sun Bums in California get more.
Balance the Budget
I have a radical proposal… if our government can’t afford to pay for something, it can’t pay for it. Eventually, these bills are going to come due and we need to get our tab under control.
Simplify and Lower Taxes
Every American should be able to minimize their tax bill without having to hire millions of dollars worth of accountants.
Cut Wasteful Spending
I have another radical proposal… unless the money is being spent on something critical and important, we shouldn’t spend it.
Bring Back Jobs
The big corporations that buy politicians are destroying the middle class in this country by shipping our jobs overseas, all while they improve their profit margins.
Promote Small Business
Mom and Pop shops are what made America great, and we need to make it easier for them to get started and stay in business than to just build another big box store.
Cut Red Tape
Again, Americans should not have to hire millions of dollars worth of attorneys and accountants to comply with the laws and regulations. The rules need to be simple, fair, and understandable.
Hold Big Pharma Accountable
Big Pharma is out of control. We need to make sure American medicine is about getting Americans healthcare, not about maximizing profits for drug manufacturers.
End the Opioid Crisis
Big Pharma got millions of Americans hooked on opioids, and China is flooding our Country with fentanyl. We need to get those addicted the help they need, and hold those responsible accountable. The pandemic set back all the progress that had been made. We need creative solutions like legalizing Ibogaine.
Mental Health Support
Mental health in America is truly in crisis. From the highest rates of anxiety and depression in young people ever recorded, to the opioid crisis, to suicide rates, America needs a renewed focus on improving mental health. We do this by both addressing the causes driving mental health issues, and improving access to mental healthcare.
Fix the Broken Home Market
The price of homes are increasing faster than wages, and have been for 30 years. Home ownership should be within every American’s reach, and not just part of Americans’ dreams. 44% of all single-family home purchases were by private investors in 2023. (source: Washington Times, March 15th 2024)
Stop Congressmen and their Families From Insider Trading
Is it a coincidence that Nancy Pelosi is not only the top Democrat in Congress, but one of the all-time greatest stock investors? No Congressman (or Congresswoman) should be allowed to trade individual stocks, especially not ones that they are making laws about.
Support the 2nd Amendment
What part of “shall not be infringed” is so hard to understand?
    Meet Bill

    Bill Cotter is a fifth-generation New Yorker. Born in New York City, Bill Cotter was always interested in politics from a young age. Growing up during the aftermath of 9/11 imbued Bill with an interest in policy issues, both domestically and abroad.

    Bill attended The Hackley School in Tarrytown, where he played lacrosse, captained the football team, and participated in the mock trial team. He earned All-County and All-New York State honors for his senior football season. As part of his senior graduation requirements, Bill scored an internship with Barstool Sports the summer before going to college. This is where William Cotter became “Billy Football.”

    In the fall of 2017, he went on to play Football at Williams College in Williamstown, MA, ultimately earning a B.A. in Political-Economics. Bill became a content creator for Barstool Sports during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this new economy, Bill had the opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life nationwide bringing people together for the love of sports and laughter during a difficult moment in world.

    Bill also works for a lithium battery Startup, Alpha-En, which is strengthening America’s domestic lithium supply chains after seeing how vulnerable all U.S. supply chains are in the pandemic.

    Finally, Bill Cotter is a proud Catholic.

    Bill Cotter is taking real action and wants to make a change for the new generation.

    For media inquiries, email [email protected]